Pastoral Staff

Pastor John, Jennifer and Sarah Tether
Tether Family

Pastor John and Jennifer Tether are high school sweethearts who came to Christ in 1990, after their freshman year of college. They married in 1993 and immediately began serving as the teen pastors at Christian Faith Fellowship in Middletown, NY. In 2000 they were blessed with the birth of their beautiful and God-honoring daughter, Sarah. Together they founded Northway in 2002, following the example of the Biblical husband and wife team of Priscilla and Aquila (Acts 18, Romans 16:3-5). Today they are enjoying the adventure of leading God’s people to experience all Jesus died to give them.

Suzanne Lacatena
Suzanne Lacatena

Suzanne Lacatena has been an Associate Pastor alongside Pastors John and Jennifer Tether for a number of years. 

 Suzanne oversees a  Senior Outreach Ministry through Northway Christian Family Church.  On a weekly basis she preaches and teaches at various nursing homes in the Queensbury area.  She provides not only loving concern for the seniors, but also urges them to be a part of singing, doing various simple projects on occasion and talking with her about her favorite subject, Jesus.  Her growing team is being used by God to minister to many residents and staff members at five different senior residences.

Pastor Suzanne also oversees the Partners in Prayer ministry at Northway. The prayer team meets weekly on Sunday mornings.  In addition, Partners in Prayer team members are available to pray with people after service each week.  This foundational team, led by Pastor Suzanne, also provides intercession during each service and emergency prayer as needed.   

Suzanne is a mentor to many women and her warmth and kindness help women to be comfortable with her as she gently leads them with Biblical teaching and guidance.  She has a heart for leading women to find their place in Christ and to discover and develop their own gifts and ministries.  She leads with grace, humility and meekness. 

Suzanne is a woman of keen discernment and Godly wisdom.  Her love for God is very evident to everyone that meets her.

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Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Donít be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.

1 Chronicles 28:20